What you need to know about cell phone detectives

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A new book is taking the detectives in your life to the next level.

The book is called “Cell Phone Detective,” and it is the latest collaboration between investigative journalist and former LAPD detective, Ed Mullins.

The two have worked together on other books including “The Serial Killer’s Handbook.”

Mullins, now the host of a podcast called “The Missing Link,” was instrumental in finding out more about the men who were among the LAPD’s most prolific serial killers in the 1960s and 1970s.

Mullin says that as a result of the book, he’s gotten to see the real life stories of a number of detectives in the LAPD.

He says they’ve told him that it’s a “crisp read” and that it “has some really good stories in it.”

He tells ABC News that Mullins has gotten to learn more about one detective who was the detective who went on to become the first ever LAPD homicide detective.

He tells ABC that the detective told Mullins that, in the past, he had been accused of having a sexual relationship with a female detective.

Mildred Bunch was a female LAPD detective who worked in the Los Angeles Police Department.

In her book, “The Lost Boys,” Mullins tells the story of the time she and another female detective were assigned to a homicide investigation.

She says they were given a tip that a young man was involved in a gang rape in the neighborhood.

Bunch says the detective asked her to investigate.

When she arrived at the scene, she says she saw the man who had been attacked and that he was wearing a white baseball cap.

Mulins tells ABC he got the idea to write the book after reading a blog post by Mullins about the man’s alleged sexual relationship.

Mullahins says the blog post made him think that perhaps there was something wrong with the detective.

So he decided to look into the case.MULLINS SAYS THAT THERE ARE SOME GOOD PEOPLE IN THE LAPD”There are some good people in the police department,” Mullens says.

“The detectives have to be very careful about how they work.

They are doing a very dangerous job and they are not always willing to take it.”MULLIN SAYS THERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS”It’s very, very sad to see a guy who was so admired as a detective,” Mullin says.

He adds that he believes that it could have been avoided had the detective never met Mildred Bouch.MOLIN SAYING THAT THEY ARE THE ORIGINAL “MOLINA” OFFICERS”Mullens says that the original Molina officers were the ones who were the first to arrest and convict the first of the men in the Rampart investigation.

They had no way to verify that the man was actually a serial killer.MILTON SAYS THEY HAVE HAD THE GOODS”There have been good things,” Mullinson says.

Molnir says that, like the Ramparts men, he and Mullins have had the “very difficult” job of investigating and solving crimes.MILLIS SAYS IT’S AN ADVANTAGE TO HAVE A GREAT TEAM”It is a wonderful advantage,” Mullis says.

Mullins says that he’s been a member of the LAPD since 1971 and he has the opportunity to have the experience of the other detectives.

He also has the chance to get to know some of the detectives who have gone on to be officers.MISTRESS IS THE GREATEST”The real thing that’s special about a detective is the kind of person that you are.

You can’t put together a good team without a good detective,” Molniss says.

Molniss and Mullis say that the detectives are “good people who will do the right thing.”MILSSON SAYS, THE LIVES OF THESE DETECTIVE COPS”The lives of these detectives have a lot of heart,” Mulliss says of the team.

Molaniss says that his own life story has been shaped by the detectives.MULINS SAY YOU CAN’T GO TO JAIL”The police don’t always give you the chance of getting a fair trial.

They don’t give you a chance to be heard,” Mulls says.”

The worst thing you can do is be a bad guy and go to jail,” Mulligan says.

In addition to Mullins and Mullen, the book features contributions from the following:James H. Taylor, who served as the first LAPD homicide investigator.

He retired in 1985.

John W. Johnson, who is now a professor of criminology at the University of Maryland.

He served as a member in 1991 of the National Commission on the Status of Women.

Richard P. Murnaghan, who taught at California State University, Long Beach, from 1983 to 1986.

He was also the chief of the criminal justice department from 1986 to 1988.

Marlene A. Paz, who has worked in private practice in Los Angeles since 1973 and was the

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