How to get rid of your annoying cell phone tripod

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We’ve all seen that cute little thing that sits on your phone when you’re holding it down?

Well, the same thing can happen to your cell phone when it’s held in your hand.

Now, a new video from Google shows how to get it off, and that’s pretty handy.

We’ve also seen some great tricks for getting rid of it, so be sure to check them out in the video below.

The basic idea is to have a tripod that sits just above your phone.

It’ll keep it from moving too far, and it’ll help prevent it from falling off your desk.

You can even add extra legs to the base, if you want, to keep it upright.

You should use a solid tripod to avoid wobbling your phone, but you can also try using a small cardboard box.

You’ll want to use a sturdy piece of cardboard, since a loose-fitting piece could break off and fall onto your desk or other things.

Now, if that doesn’t sound like a lot of work, then it is.

But that’s not the whole story, because you’re also using the base to keep your phone from wobbling, and your hands will also get used to it.

And if you’re using a phone that’s held upside down, that’s even better.

To make things even better, your phone will feel much more stable when you move your hands around.

So, how do you get rid to your phone’s annoying tripod?

We’ve found a couple of different ways.

We’ll be using an example video from YouTube, but if you can’t find that one, you can watch it below:1.

Place a piece of fabric under your phone to keep the phone upright2.

Place another piece of cloth under the base3.

Place the phone in a position where it can’t fall off the base4.

Hold the phone up to your eyes and move your hand to the side5.

Take the phone and place it back into its original position6.

Move your hands back and forth7.

Repeat steps 3 and 4, to get your phone off your phone8.

Now go back and make sure you’re not holding your phone down.

We have some tricks for this, but keep in mind that it’s not as simple as that.

So if you’ve got a phone sitting on the table, and you can no longer use it, it’s a good idea to either remove it from the table or to take it to a local store and have it removed.

You could also buy some cheap paper towels to help with the removal.

We found a good solution on Amazon, which is why we’re using the term “tarp” instead of “phone” in this article.

We hope you find this useful, and if you have any questions about getting rid the annoying phone tripod, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below.

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