How to find cell phone addresses in Saskatoon

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On a Tuesday night in early October, a man named Ryan Gifford, who calls himself the Juggernaut, had a plan for the next night.

He’d been waiting for his girlfriend, Ashley Furlong, to show up.

He hoped the two of them would come to his apartment for a quickie.

“I think I might just come down and play some pool, because I’m not a big guy,” Giffords said.

Giffors plan turned into a nightmare when Ashley Fudge called to tell him she had a problem with a neighbor.

Gaffords phone rang off the hook.

“She just came out and was like, ‘I’ve been called over, my husband is on the phone with the police,'” he said.

“They didn’t give me any info on the name of the caller.”

The next morning, Giffards phone rang again.

It was Ashley Fuchs.

She was waiting for her husband, a former officer, to come to her house.

The call came from a man calling himself the Prince of Peace.

“He’s a police officer.

I’m going to call him to let him know there’s something going on,” Gafford said.

Ashley Fuch said she didn’t think Giffes would call her husband.

“That’s not my guy.

I don’t think he’s going to get out of jail.

I think he should be arrested,” Fuchs said.

Fuchs says Giff is a police informer.

(CBC)Giffords lawyer, James Caulfield, says the police informers are supposed to be “peace officers” and not inform the public.

But the Crown says Gaffers phone was hacked and there was nothing to suggest he was an informer and there wasn’t a warrant out for his arrest.

The Crown has also suggested that Giff was “inappropriately” in contact with Ashley Fucson, who was not named in the lawsuit.

Ashley Giff, whose mother, Susan Fuchs, also is suing, said the call from the Prince wasn’t her husband at all.

“The Crown has been trying to throw a lot of things at me, saying I did this, that I did that,” she said.

The police informations office says it has not been able to confirm that it is investigating Giff’s calls and Giff says the calls were his.

The court heard Ashley Fuzes was worried that her daughter was going to be charged.

“If I get arrested, they’re going to charge me with assault and battery,” she told the court.

“It’s a big problem.”

The Crown is arguing that the information from Giff and Ashley was relevant to the case, but that’s not what the Crown is telling the court in court.

The information Giff received from Ashley Fuxes was not criminal, the Crown has argued.

In fact, the information wasn’t even in the public domain, so Giff shouldn’t have been in a position to know about it, said Justice John Zawden.

“There’s nothing wrong with the information that Gaffes got from Ashley, there’s nothing that could be said about that,” Zawren said.

So the Crown’s argument that Guff was in a privileged position because he had the information about the Prince’s phone calls is not accurate, he said, adding it was more likely the information was passed on to a third party who may not have been able or willing to report it.

But Giff agrees.

“You should be able to know that this is going on and this is happening,” he said after the trial.

Ashley and Gaffs daughters said in court that they never believed that the Prince was a police informant and that Ashley Fufson had been in contact for a long time with police informergents.

“We’re not accusing her of anything,” said Ashley Fuccess.

“This is just a fact.

We know it’s happening.

We’re going through the process of grieving.

We’ve lost a lot, but we’re going on.”

They say the Prince had a very good job.

Ashley says the Prince, who is married, didn’t have to worry about being arrested, either.

“Nothing he did is ever going to stop us from being able to go back to normal,” she added.

“Even though he was a cop, he was able to help people, and we’re happy for him.”

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