How the world’s biggest cell phone company is making a splash in Israel

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A cell phone telescope has found evidence of an ancient Jewish sect of people who have long lived in the region and are known as the “Cell Phone Jews.”

The Israeli company, Israel Cell Telecommunications, announced on Tuesday that the company had obtained a patent on a device that could locate ancient DNA.

“A new technology has arrived that we hope will be able to find DNA from ancient sites in Israel, and to identify those sites with a high degree of accuracy,” Israel Cell Communications CEO Dr. Yuval Tov said in a statement.

The patent was approved by Israel’s patent office on Tuesday, according to the company.

A few days later, Israel’s minister of information and cultural heritage, Yoav Galant, announced that the Israeli ministry of tourism had awarded the company a license to use the technology.

“This new technology will open new opportunities to Israel’s people and tourists in order to help them find ancient places, including places that were sealed away by the ancient people,” Galant said in an email to the Israeli press.

Galant also said that Israeli companies could soon expand their use of the technology to other parts of the world.

Cell Phone Jews have long been a part of the Jewish population in Israel.

In the late 19th century, a small Jewish group of Jewish immigrants arrived in the country and built a settlement in Jerusalem.

In 1925, the group founded a company called Israel Cell, and it soon became one of Israel’s largest telecommunications companies.

It was bought by Israel Telecom, and in the 1980s, the company started working on cell phone technology.

Cell phones can only be used for voice calls, and the company developed its technology to provide a way for the people to use them as an emergency communication system.

The technology is also used for remote sensing, weather forecasting, and communication with the outside world.

Israel Cell Technologies was acquired by Tel Aviv’s Tel Aviv-based mobile phone company, Tel Aviv Mobile, in 2004, and then by Israeli company Tel Arian, in 2007.

Tel Aviv Arian’s parent company, Telefonica, owns the cell phone companies’ satellite networks in Europe, Africa, and South America.

In 2016, Tel Arians satellite company also acquired Tel Aviv Cell Technologies, which has since expanded into other parts and markets.

The Israeli government has been keen to develop cell phone technologies, and its mobile network has become a focal point for technology projects like Project Blue Beam.

“The new technology, which is a very innovative new technology and the most innovative technology for Israel in the field, will make it possible for people in the whole country to use cell phones in a way that has never been possible before,” Galent said in the same email to reporters.

The cell phone’s existence has been a major source of controversy in Israel since it was announced.

Critics say it was an ancient cult, while others have said the device was an Israeli invention.

The device was unveiled at the Israeli Technology Conference in October, but the public hasn’t seen any evidence of the device in use.

“It’s an innovation in technology that can help to find ancient archaeological sites, to find the burial ground of ancient people and to search for artifacts,” Tov told reporters.

“That’s really exciting and exciting for us.”

In a press release, the Tel Aviv government said that the device could be used by the government to find archaeological sites.

Tel Aria said that it hoped that the new technology could lead to a more efficient and reliable way of retrieving and preserving archaeological data, but said that its company is “committed to developing a new technology for use by the Israeli government and public to find and preserve historical and archeological artifacts.”

In February, a local Israeli newspaper reported that the cell phones could be “locked down” so that the owner can’t be accessed.

However, that report did not say when the device would be available.

Tel Anans claims that the technology is being tested by Israeli government agencies and military organizations in areas such as the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Israel Telecommunications Corporation has yet to release an official statement about the patent.

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