Government-owned cell phone radiation testing reveals a serious problem

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The government has been testing cell phones to see if they emit radiation at all, but the tests have come under fire for failing to measure the levels of radioactivity.

The tests have also shown that the government’s own radiation safety guidelines are largely ineffective, with radiation exposure far outstripping the levels required to prevent cancer.

A group of experts released a report Wednesday calling for the government to conduct a full review of its radiation tests.

The government-owned testing company CTIA has conducted the tests for more than a decade, and it has received thousands of reports of people who say they have received radiation from their cell phones.

But the report says there are no national standards for the radiation levels that are tested and that many of those tests are not being performed.

CTIA and other government-affiliated companies use a variety of devices, including mobile phones, to conduct radiation tests for public safety, health, education and other purposes.

CTIA tests, for example, have shown a radiation dose of around 1.6 millisieverts (MeV) to a 1.1 millisig (MeS) over a 1-hour period.

But that’s still only one part of the dose, and CTIA’s own tests don’t measure the amount of radioactive material that is released by the devices.

“There are not clear standards or guidelines for the amount that should be measured,” the report said.

“In addition, there is no national standard for measuring the radioactivity of cell phones.”

The CTIA report, written by a group of government experts, also said the government has yet to adequately test the levels that it needs to protect the public.

“We have found no reliable national guidelines for measuring radioactivity in consumer cell phones,” the group wrote.

“Our findings underscore the urgent need for a national public health strategy that addresses the health risks associated with cell phone exposure and the health benefits of reducing or eliminating cell phone use.”

CTIA is one of a handful of federal agencies that conduct radiation testing for public health.

The federal government also conducts a large portion of the testing itself, including testing phones for harmful chemicals and other chemicals that may be in the air.

In the past, CTIA conducted radiation tests on public health workers to determine whether they were exposed to dangerous chemicals and to assess their health.

However, the government said in its report that the tests it does not conduct for the public are also inadequate.

“The testing we conduct is not designed to identify the health effects of radioactively contaminated chemicals or substances that could pose a health risk to the public,” the researchers wrote.

A report from the National Academy of Sciences found that the federal government has not adequately addressed the safety of cell phone users.

The report, which examined the effectiveness of CTIA tests, said the tests were not effective enough to be effective in reducing cancer rates.

“Many studies have found that CTIA devices, even when properly used, are not safe to use,” the study said.

The study also found that while CTIA tested cell phones for levels of radiation, they did not properly account for the dose to people’s skin, hair and eyes.

For example, it noted that some CTIA phone test results were not consistent with the tests done by CTIA.

“Although many studies have documented a statistically significant decrease in cancer rates when cell phones are not used, this result is inconsistent with the data we have collected from many studies that have found this reduction,” the scientists wrote.

The group also found CTIA did not follow up on people who complained about the testing results or reported problems with their devices.

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