First cell phone clone made by Indian researchers

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The students of the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D), however, decided to make a cell phone prototype with their students to test the viability of this technology in a field they had never tried before.

The project was dubbed Cellphone Clone by the IIT-DM.

“We chose to do a project like this because we wanted to learn about the cell phone technology, how to make it, and get feedback from other students and industry leaders,” said P. Venkateshwar, a senior faculty member at IITD and co-author of the Cellphone.

The student team went through three years of research and development.

“There were no commercial devices in the market, and there was a lack of knowledge about this technology,” Venkatshwar said.

The team spent three months at the IIMD in Bangalore and developed the prototype.

They used two cell phone cases, a cell handset and a cell tower, with each being made of a single layer of plastic.

The prototype was tested at IIMDP, where the cell phones were handed out to students to see if it worked.

The students who completed the project said that the experience made them rethink their own views on cell phones and their future.

“I think we are learning from the experience,” said Arvind Ramaswamy, a junior from IIT Delhi who participated in the project.

“As technology evolves, we need to understand its limitations and limitations of the existing technology,” said Sandhya Jain, a post-doc from IIM.

“In the next five to 10 years, I think we will be able to make cell phones that are more robust, more energy efficient, and cheaper than today’s phones,” she added.

The Cellphone project was funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Tata Nano Research Centre (TNRRC).

The project was supported by IIT Dhananjay Varma and the Cellular Technology Foundation (CTF).

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