Australia bans cell phone shop kiosks after mob kills 4

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The Australian Government has banned mobile phone kiosks in the capital Canberra, following a spate of mob killings in the city.

The move follows a spate, in which three people were killed by knife-wielding attackers in the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Mr Morrison said the kiosks were being placed in areas where crime was relatively high and had a “deterrent effect”.

The Government said the restrictions would go into effect on January 1.

The kiosks will be placed in major CBD areas including the CBD’s CBD West, CBD North, CBD South, CBD East and CBD North West.

The Government will not be introducing restrictions on taxi services.

The Prime Minister said he was aware of the reports of a spike in knife-related violence in the ACT, and was consulting with police and other stakeholders to see if the ban would be needed.

“I have made it clear that I want to make sure that the community and the police have the information that they need,” Mr Morrison told ABC Radio Canberra.

He said the Government was working closely with local authorities to prevent further attacks, and to increase the number of police officers deployed in the community.

“We want to see these criminals put on notice that there will be consequences if they don’t change their behaviour.”

The Federal Government also announced it was establishing a taskforce to combat knife-violence.

“This is the first time that we have had an actual national response,” Mr Turnbull said.

He announced the taskforce would work with the states, territories and territories.

“It will be an alliance between the Federal Government, the states and territories, the police and the community,” Mr Trudeau said.

Mr Turnbull has said the Coalition would not support the establishment of any state or territory government.

However, the Prime Minister told the ABC the Coalition had a commitment to support a state or territorial solution to knife-crime.

“The states are responsible for their own domestic violence systems,” he said.

“And so we have committed to doing whatever we can to support and support those states and territory.”

He said there was a “need for strong police” in Australia.

“That’s why I have appointed an officer to the Federal Police.”

Mr Morrison described the attack on the kiosk as a “cowardly” attack, and said the perpetrators were “unable to live without being in the vicinity of the victim”.

He said police had spoken to the victims and were confident they would not be harmed.

“They are devastated by what happened to them,” he told ABC Canberra.

“There was a terrible loss for their families and friends.”

A community safety committee will meet on Wednesday to discuss the policy and how it can be implemented.

The committee will discuss whether the kiosches will be used to increase community safety and how they will be monitored.

The City of Canberra said it had been contacted by the family of the victims.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this horrific attack and the families of those involved,” Mayor Lisa Neville said in a statement.

The Council of the City of Sydney said it was aware the kiosking had been placed in its CBD area, and it had invited the Government to ensure the kioskers were not being used by offenders.

The city’s mayor, Mark Scott, said it appeared the kiosg was being used for “potential offenders”.

“We are concerned that this is being used to help criminals get into the CBD area,” he wrote on Twitter.

Mr Scott said the council had raised the issue with the Department of Justice.

“In recent weeks we have been discussing with the department the appropriateness of the policy as a community safety measure,” he added.

The Department of State and Immigration said it would continue to review the policy.

It said it understood the Government had asked for input from the community in deciding whether to remove the kiosaks from the CBD.

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